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What is 1K A Day Fast Track?


The 1K A Day Fast Track system is essentially a program that teaches you how to build an “automated” affiliate marketing system that utilizes the email marketing method, which the owner (Merlin Holmes) claims can make you at least $1,000 per day by only putting in a few hours a week.

You get a detailed 6-week step-by-step training course, as well as access to their landing page templates, email sequences and ad copies and images.

Who is Merlin Holmes?

Merlin Holmes claims to be a multi-millionaire internet marketer who has made over $150 million online over the last 14 years. He claims to have even consulted for million and billion-dollar companies for $25K a day.

How 1K A Day Fast Track Works?

The system works just like most other ClickBank products that utilize email marketing to earn money. You essentially drive traffic to an opt-in page to collect their email addresses, and then start emailing them newsletter sequences to promote other ClickBank products.

If you don’t already know, ClickBank is one of the largest affiliate marketing network platforms which allow product creators to list their digital products to sell and affiliate marketers to promote these products.

The key difference between this system and the other email marketing systems is the landing page. The way landing pages or opt-in forms normally work is that visitors need to provide their email addresses in exchange for a free gift such as an eBook or a free consultation or whatever it may be.

Instead, the 1K A Day Fast Track system uses a poll template to get visitors to cast their votes on a topic related to the niche product you will be promoting. The visitors will then need to provide their emails to see the results of the polls.

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