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What Is Perpetual Income 365?

The Perpetual Income 365 is an affiliate marketing package for newbies. The package includes; 2 x ready-made squeeze pages of your choice, web hosting of these pages, an email followup sequence for 31 days, and a guide to solo ad traffic.

Firstly, you are required to sign up with ClickBank (affiliate network) and GetResponse (email marketing service) to make it work. Once you’ve signed up with both, you can connect them to your PI365 squeeze page at a click of a button. That will be it. You’ll be provided with your page URL, which will be ready for you to promote.

You need to pay for your own traffic. Just like any other “all-done-for-you” systems, how you send traffic is your own responsibility. The PI365 recommends a few solo ad traffic services, the cost of which varies anywhere between $40 – $100 per 100 visits.

When a visitor likes your squeeze page and opts in (=signs up with you), they’ll be immediately directed to PI365’s sales page. If they make a purchase, which will cost them $47, you’ll automatically receive 50% of it as a commission. At the same time, they’ll automatically start receiving your email campaigns from your GetResponse account (which are already done for you). They’ll receive one email per day for the next 31 days, or until they unsubscribe otherwise.

What about the time required?

Perpetual Income 365 is designed for people who have little time to generate a (passive) income during the day through work, family and social events. In the first 31 days, the daily email follow-up sequences require a little more time than in the following months, but you don’t have to take a holiday.

Perpetual Income 365 program explained

If you opt for Perpetual Income 365, you will receive two pre-designed squeeze pages, web hosting of these pages, a 31-day email follow-up sequence, and instructions for solo ad traffic.

The two squeeze pages are websites with their own URL where visitors to the site can sign up. By signing up, you will receive their email address and can use it for your email campaign. The site visitor, on the other hand, will be redirected to the PI365 Revenue Generation Program page and will have the opportunity to purchase Perpetual Income 365. If they invest their money, you will receive 50 percent commission.

The web hosting is necessary for your pages to go online. More precisely, web hosting is a space on a server that is available to your site.

The e-mail follow-up sequence is sent to you for 31 days. This is an email campaign from the person whose website brought you to Perpetual Income 365.

Solo ad traffic instructions are required to enable you to bring people to your site. After all, you can only earn commissions when people come to your site and sign up – which is impossible without advertising.

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